Hello dearest disHonestbee customers.

Wanna know the reasons why YOU are not getting the service you deserve?

Well the truth is disHonestbee just doesn’t know how to treat its customers
right. Heck they don’t even treat their shopper bees right. In fact they
can’t seem to get anything right at all.

We are the shoppers who do the shopping for YOU. The shoppers who calls YOU
to suggest long lists of replacements each time something goes out of stock,
price changes or basically for items that just do not exist in the

Their website catalogue seriously needs a good fixing and mind you we are
just as pissed as you are. No action from them even after countless product
feedbacks from us.

Anyways, we do all these for disHonestbee and yet we are being paid PEANUTS!!

Our hourly rate has been decreasing like every two to three months since last
year. From the original of $7.50 per hr to the current $4.50 per hr which
will start rolling out next week based on another email we received from them
today. No explanation. Nothing. Shifts got reduced. Even our replacement
incentives got taken away. Oh fyi we get line bonus of $0.20 per item found
plus extra incentive of $0.10 for every successful replacement. By the looks
of how things are being managed by Honestbee, sooner or later they might not
even pay us a single cent.

Damn disHonestbee sure love to cut, cut, cut. They want us to do this, to do
that yet they can’t even pay us reasonably?

How do they expect service levels to improve when shoppers got no motivation
to work?

No proper rest areas, practically standing all day, having to pay for extra
phone bills every month due to excess data, calls and sms usage. All these
for a mere $4.50 per hr!

If you think that disHonestbee actually gives a shit about your feedbacks
then you are in for a rude awakening because they don’t give a shit about our
feedbacks either. Forget about emailing them. It is pointless. Trust us. We
have been there. Their point of communication sucks big time.

If you feel that disHonestbee is cheating you of your money, we feel it too.
They have been robbing us of our rights to a decent pay as well and we feel
it is time for us to let the truth out.

Disgruntled Bee
A.S.S. Contributor

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