It is in times of need you will realize the standard of a company service, ezbuy has always been my go to choice when I want to shop at Taobao, I believe people that use Ezbuy to shop on taobao, started experiencing delays towards the end of September, my friend who shopped there told me about it when I told him what I was facing, he told me he was also facing the same problem. After discussing we both agree that maybe they have huge amount of order due to their promotion of
whatsoever going on.

The orders I place in the start of September have not arrived till today, to be fair, I will say I did received one of the items I ordered, it arrived just today (9/11/2016), my initial order that I placed had 3 items, all 3 of it is just something small such as post it note.

On the 19th September, ezbuy informed me that my order has been lost , therefore they told me they will re-order my items “immediately” or they will refund me, I gave them the instructions the same day to re-order the items and the staff replied that they will re-order accordingly.

From the 19th September, I waited until 10th October for my order, I noticed that there was any updates in my account, I initially thought they have just forgotten to update it so I decided to contact their staff to ask about my order, I do not denied that I was irritated because it has been so long and no one followed up with me. The staff replied telling me again that the item had been lost and asked me if I wanted a refund or to re-order, I once again told them to re-order the item, I was furious at this point and felt I had been waiting for nothing despite the staff previously telling me they will re-order immediately, so this is their immediate?

Letting it go, I waited for the order to be process again, on the 20th October, I had to contact the staff to check if my order have been process as there was still not updates on any purchased made in my account, the shipping I opted for usually does not take so long, I usually use their economy, therefore I prompt the staff again. Frustrated, I screenshot the conversation with I had the previous time and sent it over to them, the staff told they have re-order the item(FINALLY), I demanded for an ETA because I was running out of patience, and they told me 3-5 days will be needed.

After messaging the staff, I decided to call them up to ensure that everything was moving, and the staff told me he will pass the message to the purchasing department blah blah blah. Finally I saw they updated the items I got them to reorder, but they only purchase 1 out of the 3 items, I thought that they were still processing and leave it to be. After a few days I went to check they only ordered 1 of the item and shipped it out to me. Oh boy, what is so hard about it? I decided to call them up again and the staff told me he would let the relevant department know, I explained the situation to him and asked him why was only 1 item ordered and he told me he will get the staff from the purchasing department to order/pass the message, there was nothing else he could do for me. He promised me that the items would be ordered, I just checked my account activity nothing was done, I took down his name fortunately.

After speaking to him, I messaged the staff at ezbuy again and asked what was going guess what did they told me? They told me once again that the parcel that they told me right from the start was lost they will ship it out to me. How is that possible when the parcel was already missing?

The service is horrible, they are so unorganized, even though shipment was delay was bad enough, what is worst is they cant even get the order right, I believe they have access to my order history and the message exchange history, they did not even check and just replied blindly. Ezbuy has shown me through this incident that no one is able to help me when there are problems with my order and I had to keep chasing them for updates and make sure they are processing my order, I am lucky that my amount for this order is relatively small,

I am utterly disappointed with their service, its not the money I mind spend on extra shipping even though it isn’t my fault or issue, i tried to be understanding as their in the midst of moving etc. but its the service and the way the staff do things so blindly that i cannot accept it is too ridiculous. To avoid such issue again, this is the last time I am using Ezbuy. Use them at your own risk.

A.S.S. Contributor

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