I am happy to see the PAP defeated due to Trump’s win. Their future plans regarding the TPP has been ruined. Those who voted for them , the 70% orbi goot ! Can Sg50 glamorising and brainwashing u is just a farce. Singapore actually doesnt have strong relations with USA.

People like Donald Trump.

You can be a far left hedonistic degenerate or even a far right religious nut job.

You can be a liberal, conservative, libertarian, communist, marxist andeven an anarchist!

You will still like Donald Trump.
He stands for free speech and being correct.
It is universal to want to know the truth.
You might not like what he has to say but you know he is right.
Being correct is not being politically correct.
It is a form of radical honesty.

This is undeniable.
This is a movement; the alt right movement will be the movement for 22nd

The mainstream media, the celebrities, the ruling power and the lobbyists,
they tried their best. They tried to bully him and to paint him as a monster.

What they didn’t anticipate is that the people are not as stupid as they
think. The people can think for themselves and some are immune to
advertisement and marketing.

But that is the thing about being right.
Being honest without filters, being able to make fun of yourself, it is not a
bad thing.
It is the quality of being human.
That is what it is to be a human.
This is why people like Donald Trump, he sounds just like you and me.

Why would people vote for Donald Trump?

When you disagree with a person, be it politically or culturally.
Instead of convincing you why you should agree with them.

They call you a racist, homophobic, misogynist, transphobic, xenophobic,
hater, troll, bigot and to quote Hillary Clinton, “a deplorable”.

They fire you from your job.
They ban you from social media.
They want to use the laws against you.
They criticize on your looks, your family, your upbringing, your education
and your social status.
They might even use violence to stop you from free speech.

The worst of all, they want to police your thoughts.

This is why the movement is born.

Congratulations to Donald Trump.

A.S.S. Contributor

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