“Pretty sure you can find someone to help you translate this into English. This Lady is a PR in Singapore, and let her comments below speak for itself and it’s you to decide whether she should be exposed.”

In the leaked Wechat conversations provided by whistle blower Mike Norman, this supposed Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) Christina said that if she wanted to have a baby, she would return to Shanghai to give birth to get the PRC passport. She followed up by saying “fuck your mother Singapore”.

She added that she will definitely not join to become a naturalised Singaporean, she is satisfied with being a SPR. If she has to let go of one, she will give up her SPR.

Christina went on to disparage Singaporeans saying that most locals are poorer as compared to the Chinese in Shanghai and that locals were of poor quality just like those in second tier Chinese cities.

It is a mystery how individuals such as Christina managed to attained permanent residency in Singapore. With her attitude and obvious distaste for Singapore, why did she come here if things were so hateful to her?

We await to see what ICA and the authorities will do to this SPR given she has openly expressed her dislike and hatred to Singapore.

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