Dear Editors,

Grab, uber and taxis, stop bring prejudice towards big group of passengers! Your fare is so expensive and your drivers now are so picky. No wonder many of them are taking bus and trains instead of using all the 3 modes of transport.

Sometimes, we Malays are going out with big families, and when we book GrabCar economy, or uber X and got an MPV like Toyota Estima, the drivers refused to pick us due to having 6 passengers, still come out with nonsense what 3 adults and 3 infant MPV cannot take. Then why uber and grab 4 seater allocate an MPV to do 4 seater job? You are the ones spoiling the market and now making we passengers suffer is it?

And taxis also another kind, why when we flag MPV taxi they still want to charge additional $3 for each additional passenger when I am travelling with 3 more adults and 3 kids which 3 years old or younger? At least make the additional passenger surcharge $3 flat regardless of how many extra passengers la eh you think very funny is it? Additional $3 per extra passenger is no joke ok?

Don’t come and give me nonsense that additional passenger means more fuel burnt ok? The bus take passengers till standing till the door those stand at the door ones paid extra?

So grab, uber and taxis, wake up your idea before more passengers switching to take bus or MRT. I am so disgraceful to have such public service providers in Singapore. All money minded jerks.

A.S.S. Contributor

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