Both LTA and SMRT are refusing to acknowledge that the repeated train breakdown issues in Singapore is due to overcrowding, because the Prime Minister is unhappy to see any opposition to his 6.9 million population target.

Quote by STR : States Times Review For those with radio transmission knowledge, transmitters and receivers for specific industry applications operate in reserved frequency band slots regulated by the authority. Blaming mobile network can only fool the public but not the engineers.

As a trained engineer working with radio transceivers, this excuse by SMRT is bullshit. Even if there is an interference of the same frequency band, the source has to come from a similar industrial-grade emitter and it is impossible for it to be operated via a portable miniaturized device powered with DC batteries (SMRT can blame alien technology if otherwise).

Even if there is an interference signal, it probably only affects one or two transceivers and shouldn’t have the capability to bring down the entire signalling system.

Even if there is an interference signal, signals transceiving by the train signalling system is encoded. How the hell can one have the codec logarithm unless it is an inside job by a manufacturer-level talent?

The above written are common sense logic to programmers and engineers. In engineering, things don’t happen and go away for no reason. All variables are controlled with a status indicator flagging operation-critical faults (think of a simple control system like a car where you have the fuel, engine oil, gear oil, battery indicators under the hood etc.) The repeated breakdowns only point to the fact that the maintenance regime by SMRT is not comprehensive enough to certify trains fit for operation.

If you look at the timing of the breakdowns over the years, train breakdowns always happen during peak hours. Overcrowding led to overloading of power and hence trip several other systems including the signalling system I believe. You may have 60% overloaded trains during peak hours but you can’t have all trains fully crowded and expect the system to remain in operable conditions. I wonder if SMRT even calculate the amount of power required for all fully loaded trains to operate.

As a Transport Minister, Khaw Boon Wan let the problem sits itself and did next to nothing except playing sympathy on the maintenance staff. The part of the only solution to these breakdowns is to first have this man fired, with Desmond Kuek next. Unquote.

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