Some Singaporeans still naively believed that China is a backward 3rd World country. Some of the common reactions when you suggest a tour to China will be like ‘Eeee.. I don’t like China.’ Singaporeans also like to make fun of them as being uncultured. I have visited China and I can say that they have surpass Singapore in all areas, including Education.

And guess what..China is already the world’s largest economy, surpassing the US.

China is still sending astronauts into space while the US does not even have a space shuttle or rocket.

The bottomline is in the 80s, China needs Singapore to develop her economy. Today Singapore needs China more than they need us. In fact, Singapore is rather insignificant to in the eyes of China which is already a world Superpower.

Until Singapore recalibrate its outdated views of China, its Foreign Corps will continue to make blunders and disrespect China. They should learn from Najib’s Special Envoy to China Ong Ka Ting who has been doing a fantastic job in his role as envoy.

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