31 year old Herman Zaidin was driving home to Singapore after a business trip to KL when a motorbike gang of more than 10 youths bashed him up and robbed him of all his valuables. One of the motorcyclists purposely hit his bike against Herman’s car in the congested road and accused Herman of injuring him.

After the fake accident occured, 10 or more youths surrounded Herman’s car with their bikes and started banging his car and hurled vulgarities at him. The rider who was “injured” came up to him to demand compensation.

Suddenly, one of the bikers took out a spanner and started smashing his windscreen. Hoping to talk to them, he wound down his window and the bikers unlocked his door and started beating him up, one using the spanner to smash his face, nearly blinding his left eye.

The robbers ordered him to hand over his wallet and took his in car camera, mobile phone, power bank and his laptop as “compensation”. With a badly injured eye, he managed to drive to the checkpoint before being taken to Tan Tock Seng for treatment. He was most disappointed that none of the other motorist in the congested road stopped to help him during the ordeal. He was left to fend for himself.

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