This is an issue close to my heart and for some of you out there too. It’s something we have been working on. The Ministry of Education, Singapore’s plan to include children with Special Educational Needs in the Compulsory Education Act is a huge step in making Singapore a more inclusive society. The changes to the Compulsory Education Act support the recommendation in the Second Enabling Masterplan for more support in enabling children with special needs to access education in both mainstream and Special Education (SPED) schools. This will help children with special needs to realise their potential, and open up opportunities for continual learning, and employment.

MOE has been working closely with the SPED schools over the past few years to improve the quality of education, affordability, as well as accessibility. Support for children with special needs in mainstream schools has also been augmented, so that they can learn and develop in a natural setting. MSF Singapore looks forward to working with MOE and the new Advisory Panel to further build on these efforts to enhance the learning opportunities for children with special needs, so that they are better able to develop and build competencies.

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