Thought of the Day

Many people, especially the middle ground opposition leaning fence sitters, have expressed great disappointment over WP’s AHTC saga. They are disillusioned with opposition due to WP’s at best, pure incompetency, or at worst, corrupted governance practices.

I have to reiterate that whatever flaws or incompetency WP had, has absolutely nothing to do with other opposition parties. I have tried to raise the issues of their flaws in managing the Town Council and in fact, the fundamental problem lies with the very concept of Democracy as in Separation of Powers. This is PPP’s Core Values. WP may ignore this core value of Separation of Powers but PPP does value it as the fundamental pillar of good governance for a Democratic political system.

In fact the flaws and failures of WP has somewhat demonstrated the importance of our belief in Separation of Powers!

It would be totally unfair to regard us “the same as WP” because we are totally different in our democratic beliefs.

Anyone who truly believe in Democracy would understand that there will be no perfect human beings, even less so in politics where power could possibly just corrupt any good fellow and absolute power will corrupt absolutely. This is basically because power involves a lot of money and resource allocations.

True Democratic believers will not have the illusion that we could have perfect humans as politicians. More often than not, we will have crooks or charlatans sneaking into positions of Powers. What we need is Checks and Balances and this needs not opposition parties in parliament but an institutionalized Separation of Powers.

Thus, before you feel disillusioned and think that you will vote opposition party again, think again.

Second Thought of the Day

The world is unfair in every way, especially in politics.

If WP did well and good, it is all because of it alone, its own credits and it is “best” of opposition. Nobody will say ALL OPPOSITION are like WP lah, steady lah!
But if WP screws it up badly, aiyah ALL OTHER OPPOSITION PARTIES are like WP lah! All are clowns, incompetent…etc.

This is despite the fact that WP has said it had walked its own path… no matter how crooked the path is! That’s the lopsided perception that we will have to deal with all the time.

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