Dear Editor,

You must have read the news today that Bryan Lim is fined $3500 for a comment that he made here. I wish to remind all readers and members of this group that this is a public group. Any and all posts and comments here are read not only by people from this group, but also by many LGBT activists. You show them an Achilles heel, and they’ll drag you down to the pits of hell.

That was what happened to Bryan. He made a comment with the phrase “open fire” on a post talking about foreign intervention in our domestic affairs on 4-Jun, and then POW…, no not yet. Nothing really happen right away. But people are already taking notes. Unfortunately, for Bryan, on 13-Jun, something did happen in America. A gay man shot dead many people in a gay bar in Orlando.

Then POW, some dude called Audi Khalid posted a screenshot of his comment immediately after the shooting. From there, all hell broke loose. Hoards of people camped on Canon’s FB page with pitchforks howling for his blood. Police reports were reportedly made. And you know what, as if it’s straight out of the comic books, these people also started camping at Pastor Lawrence Khong’s FB page also. The rest is history.

I feel sad for Bryan. Nobody really took notice of his comment. It’s just one of those men bravado talk. In America, they call this locker room talk. Do I think he really meant what he said? Not at all. Is it unfair? I think it is. But I pray that Bryan can move on with his life now.

Boon Leong Chiew
A.S.S. Contributor

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