Dear Editors,

SMRT should really start pulling up their socks and start to explore ways to improve themselves.

1. SMRT’s services is totally screwed, they choose to let disruptions happening again and again and still continue to use cheap China parts to maintain your systems. And when there are too many disruptions making LOSS of income for their multi millionaires chairing it, they simply just come out with a very stupid reactive solution that a 3 year old kid can even think of, that’s to close down the rail system, this is one of their plans for the Bukit Panjang LRT on the recent disruption.

One couldn’t imagine that SMRT could even thought of this! Oh my goodness, seems like they are not interested in Singapore rail network! With the way SMRT reacted to the recent MRT disruption, why would one be surprised if they even said that they have plans to shut down the entire rail network under them?

2. SMRT should take a good look at how their bus drivers are behaving on the roads as well, reckless driving, exiting the bus Bay without check for traffic and blind spot, not signalling when changing lanes, driving without due care of others etc. Does SMRT train their drivers well before they are being put on the roads?

3. SMRT, Your taxi drivers are of no better either, speeding , driving recklessly, rude and high ego.

So I shall let A.S.S post this up and make it viral to the public to judge SMRT’s performance, do you think they deserve to stay in this transportation industry?

A.S.S. Contributor

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