This guy stole these two books from my bookshop this afternoon. He loitered at our horror-fiction table for a long time. He pretended to talk about other books at my counter when in fact, those two books were already in his black bag. But I didn’t suspect of course.

When he stepped out, I noticed that the two books were gone! I looked out of the window and he was loitering around Sushi Express before entering the toilet. After a while, I decided to check him out at the toilet. He stepped out and I found in the bin in the toilet the plastic wrappers of these two books. I followed him outside and confronted him all the way from the escalator before he turned to Esplanade.

I asked to check his bag. He refused. He asked me “who the fuck I am” and denied seeing me at my bookshop. I flashed out my camera and he turned his face away. Then I saw my books through his translucent bag. He denied. We were up the stairs. I stepped up ahead of him to take his face shot. He grabbed my phone and flung it down the stairs. I went after him and he pushed me away. I almost fell from the stairs. I shouted thief but there was nobody around at that Esplandae area where people practise dancing. An old uncle was there but he was too weak to do anything.

I have to go back to take my phone which was lying down the escalator! I caught the theif but yet I couldn’t continue to chase after him! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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