Dear everybody around the world in Facebook and every corner, Greetings to all of you, I am about to share a real life situation scenario and I do welcome all feedback or assistance provided in order to improve the life of a Pioneer Generation elderly whom I just got to know of recently.

His name is Mr Tang living in the heartlands of Bukit Merah and is a happy and bubbly person to be chatting with once he gets to know you as a friend. Unfortunately, quite awhile ago, his right foot have been amputated and have to be wheelchair bounded. This has affected his life terribly as he now stays at home everyday being unable to move around freely as he used to walk very often in the past.

He has wheelchair for his movement around the neighborhood but it is too taxing for him to be wheeling himself at his age (I won’t be able to do so too if I am at his age!) So hopefully, we all can work something out together as ONE to help provide our Pioneer Generation fellowman an Electrical Wheelchair or Mobility Scooters to assist Mr Tang if possible.

What I hope for is that with the help of everybody, we can make life different for Mr Tang, even with the simplest happy wishes for him and cheering him up daily to keep his spirit going!



他的名字叫做邓伯伯,他住在红山地区也是一位快乐的伯伯。在一次不幸的事件放生了之后, 他的右脚被锯掉了,无法再像以往正常的行走了。这对他的生活造成很大的不便,也给了很大的心灵创伤,打击疼痛无比。邓伯伯现在有个轮椅但是,是“手动”而不是自动地。他很喜欢到处走走看看但是体力有限了因为他觉得自己不年轻了。


As I am still in the process of learning Malay and Tamil and unable to translate this passage to its best. I do thank anyone’s help in assisting to translate this article so that more fellow Singaporeans and anyone around this world is able to help fulfill a simple wish of an elderly brother and friend to me. All help and assistance are welcomed. God Bless everybody who reads and spreads this. Amen! (^_^)


For everybody’s information, Mr Tang is now at the ripe age of 92 years old.


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