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Totally upset over what happened to a fellow mummy of a Williams Syndrome child in our WS parent support group…

My friend was at a 7-11 and her child went behind the cashier's counter to play with the spinning fan. This Aunty in the pic/video scolded my friend for being an incompetent mother and said that she should have controlled him. My Friend calmly explained to the Aunty that her child is a special need child and yet the Aunty said that my friend is useless and that is why she gave birth to a special needs child. Said in Chinese the child is a 野种,and she is 无能. My friend took a video with the intention to scare her away and she slapped my friend's hand causing my friend to drop her Hp.

To this Aunty, I bet you are not a Mummy else you would never have spoken such evil words with your filthy mouth. Nevertheless, I thank you for giving me a chance to show my Daughter, who is also a special needs child that such mean and evil people like you do exist in this world unfortunately and the best way to deal with such uncalled for event is to ignore the evil words you said and only remember that Daddy and Mummy loves her no matter what…

To everyone else who reads this post, if you do see a special needs child misbehave or did something unusual in public place, we seek your kind understanding towards them… please do not judge them nor their parents… because you do not know what they have been through… I can guarantee you that all parents tried their very best to bring up their children in the best way they could… whether special needs or not… and if you didn't know it… our special needs children are more loving than any other children out there…

Feel free to share my post to create more awareness and kindness to special needs children… #bekindtoWSkid #donotjudgethem




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