I find it funny that Workers’ Party knowing that it will be slowly clawed at its sides by the encroaching PAP government, can do nothing about it apart from calling out how wrong it is.

(No, I don’t feel any sense of pity for WP cause its tactics will mean PAP can slowly encroach to strangle the party. It want to place trust on the voters? Look, it only works if you have gutsy and smart voters. Not Singaporeans please)

Look, the KPMG report looks damaging but apply the same scrutiny of auditing to any of the PAP wards, you will find things that are worse off.

AHTC has direct links of conflict of interest, but all the EM services and whatnot has tons of indirect conflict of interest. Unless, you are the kind of people who say that it was perfect sense to appoint Ho Ching with a engineering degree* as Temasek CEO, not because she is the wife of someone.

The media will pounce on it, the police will be called in and whatever not, but frankly if there is really any criminal act, you think PAP wouldn’t have disclose in the last election?

The thing about spreading lies in media, you repeat it long enough, people will take it as truth even when proven wrong.

PS. This is the kind of Singapore we live in, we know something is wrong but yet we will keep quiet because we have more important things such as bread and butter issues to think about.

Then again, why are we still having bread and butter issues to worry about after the swiss world standard promise?

Everything happens for a reason…

*although an engineering background is of no measure that Ho Ching has no financial knowledge. But we can look at her track records and also what she did prior to the appointment as a gauge.

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