A former town council estate officer (KnockoutNed) working in an Opposition ward held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) forum thread on popular forum Hardwarezone. He shared the nitty gritty details of working in an Opposition held Town Council and shared his two cents on how the TC was run from his perspective.

Although he was unable to answer questions on KPMG’s damning report against AHTC, he had this to say about the contracts awarded within the TC.

“For R&R/NRP/capex/maintenance contracts – nope. Many contractors wana do, competition is fierce and they undercut each other. But i know at least one case of the contractor from cpg era asked to be release from their contract aft ahtc took over

For Managing agent contract – yes. Well known fact tht theres only handful of coy who had exp in tc mgmt and they all did not tender…u always wondered what if a well established pvt sector PM company like knightfrank/JLL come tender…will wp award it to them?”

With regards to the handover done by PAP’s Managing Agent to WP’s FMSS, this was what he had to say:

“The same for all handover/takeover operations: Handover party – give them what they need and if they dun ask fr more, i diam diam zao when times up

Takeover party – wahpiang i dun even know wht is in place and what else should i ask for coz i just inherited a mountainload of documents tht takes up half my office

I believe wp prioritize on estate ops during the handover period…we were told to comb thru every corner of every block in wp grc during the handover period and the fmss bosses also on the ball ownself go to every office check”

He also had words of praise for the 5 Opposition MPs running the town council:

“Chairman and vicechair is almost always at their office every other day. U can see the schedule of tc meeting in the kpmg report, chairman meeting every week, eclc meeting every month..the rest of the times the MPs and LAs are always following up on the issues surfaced during meetings.

And on top of tht…they conduct surprise insp at the estate, aft insp they straightaway whatsapp hundreds of pics for us to follow up and their LA start shooting emails left and right. And even on top of tht…the MPs have their own meet people session and other parliament duties

I rly take my hat off to them…they have alot of stamina!”

If you like to read more, go to the link below for more updates.

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