Human of the day: Our very own LTA Enforcement Officer rescues cat off tree in Little India! Cat lover Arii sends in this story:

“Around 8am last Wednesday, I was heading to work and walking towards Little India MRT station when I noticed a scene right out of the movies unfolding before my eyes. A terrified cat was stuck in a tree, and the hero of the day was a young LTA enforcement officer (active mobility) who got a ladder and promptly climbed up to soothe the scared kitty.

The cat must have sensed that help had arrived and it didn’t take long before the officer scooped the cat up in his arms! I was touched by how patient and calm he was towards the stressed cat, and I think it’s commendable that he went above and beyond his job scope to rescue an animal that needed his assistance! #FaithInHumanityRestored, for sure!”

She added that there was quite a crowd of onlookers. The ladder was borrowed from the provision shop nearby and two guys had helped to hold the ladder while the officer climb to rescue the cat. And the best part of the story? Our terrified cat had a furry best friend waiting below the tree for her friend to be rescued!

Does anyone know who this LTA Enforcement Officer is? Always warms the heart when we see our officers connect with the community as they go about their work of keeping us safe. Please share this post and tag him if you do! #CatHero

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