The club is aware of recent queries with regards to HUFC Technical Director, Adlane Messelem.

Since 2013, the club has embarked on a pioneering project, committing significant resources into its youth development programme. The programme’s success can be seen in HUFC’s success at youth and U21 level, both via results in competitions, as well as the players that have come through the system and represented the club and country at various senior level and international tournaments respectively.

Adlane was recruited as part of this effort so as to develop a youth development programme based on the overall best practices in top academies across Europe. His connectivity within these clubs has been invaluable in allowing HUFC to expand its footprint and access to the highest standards of youth development. He was supported in this effort by Steve Vilmiaire, himself a top youth coach with the UEFA “A” License. This initiative is undertaken by HUFC at its own discretion and as such, gives the club full autonomy in managing its staffing structure and the hiring of key personnel.

The recruitment of these personnel have resulted in the development of a comprehensive framework addressing many different aspects of football-related development, tracking, testing and remediation that will be of pivotal use to the club, moving forward.

Ultimately, HUFC’s vision is to continue its good work in the development of youth, in line with supporting the national aim of developing a bigger pool of quality players to represent the country. To realise this vision, HUFC will need to lead the way in taking innovative steps to constantly push the envelope in this area. HUFC is proud to say that it has developed among the nation’s best functional and infrastructural capabilities for youth development and remain committed to do so, for the coming future.

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