Dear ASS,

Train service disruption in Singapore is a common incident in Singapore lately and it seems very common. I hope commuters will understand what causes the disruptions. Maintainence do play a huge role but passengers activities are also contributing factors.

I actually agreed with what Mrs Josephine Teo said that if all commuters choose to travel at the same time, trains and stations will be overloaded and overcrowded at the same time, this means that disruptions will happen during peak hours as the load during peak hours is super heavy.

We have to seek mutual understanding that the trains indeed belongs to all of us, but we have to really choose among ourselves as to who to take the train and who to seek other form of public transport. Now that we have premium and city direct and also bus pooling services, I hope commuters who have such services at their doorsteps will fully utilise it, don’t specially take the MRT just because it has no traffic lights and it’s faster.

And also, try to go to work earlier to avoid squeezing with the peak hour crowd. If everyone start work at 9am and only board the train at 8am, of course trains will be overloaded and overcrowded! This is because everyone is running late and need to rush to work! Like me, I start work at 8am at Raffles City towers and I live in Toa Payoh, I always leave home at 6.45am and walk to the MRT station to board the train at 7am and it’s quite empty! When I reach my workplace, I still have at least 90 minutes till start of work and I can relax and meet up my friends to have a breakfast and also refresh myself to prepare for work!

When I finish work at 6pm, I would always stay around to have dinner till 7pm where I will start to take the MRT home, well, it’s not crowded at 7pm as most of the people have went home! So you see, time planning is essential and benefits everyone else, miso lambing is the cause for many problems.

I hope to share this post to the public to make them do proper time management. Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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