Dear Editor,

I am daisy the representative of Rex cinemas . I understand there was a story about our cinema. I would like to state that the picture have been doctored and it may be done with our rivals etc.

I have all substantial evidence and proof that our seats are less then a year old been changed very recently and the colour of our seats aren’t what been shown on your write up.

I will also provide you with the invoice of our last fumigation . Please also take note that in fain movies have a standard price with the rest of the theatres and we are not any higher then the rest for the same movie.

I kindly request you to give me a day to submit all evidences as I am away when I was told about this write up. Please do understand running a business ain’t easy and we see to meet every single customer requirements and we are very sure and affirmed that this is surely not true.

I would request if you could remove the post as it’s false. It’s a humble request for you to investigate before posting something which is untrue. I hope you also give us the benefit toof. I would like to even invite to my theatre to even take a look at it.

Attached is our seats being manufactured recently.

We will be more then please to submit the arrival date to Singapore and all dates of renovation done to enhance the theatre. Just require time.

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