This is the story of a sweet GR chained in a ground floor unit of a condo in the east

She’s pretty, young and full of life. But she’s chained up for Long hours other than 2-3 walks a day. This means 3/4 of a day she’s chained at the patio – come rain or shine with not even a single step that she can take. She can only sit or stand and her view is obstructed by a small garden landscape that separates her from the world. Inside the house lives a Filipino couple with a young Daughter perhaps 3-4 years old. They have stayed in 4 different units within the same development for the last 7 years. They are preparing for Xmas or it seems…as there’s a nice Xmas tree set up and the couple is still trying to settle down in this new unit.

They said that this GR was adopted from a Scottish family who left SG. They did not spayed the dog because they are considering breeding the GR so that they can show the young daughter the birth process as the father is also a doctor at Changi General Hospital and has watched him handled some simple operations.

She mentioned that authorities have visited them before to ask them to lengthen the chain due to complaints from a concerned resident. However it is obvious that such advise has fallen on deaf ears as evident from the photos provided by the informant and two visits by Cdas team. The female owner claimed that they only tied the dog temporarily at the patio as the Husband is currently having a flu plus He’s asthmatic by nature. Honestly the Husband does not look sick to us. They said that they have shifted to the ground floor unit because they did consider the dog’s welfare. They have also bought some materials that will help to create some fence over the patio area so that the dog can move freely eventually.

As much as we want to believe them, we felt that it’s simply too inhumane to tie the dog with such a short leash. We tried our best to persuade them to release the dog to roam freely in the apartment but we do not see the receptiveness in their answers.

Why did Ava continue to ask the owner to lengthen the leash which obviously is NOT a permanent solution. AVA once asked Cdas: if we advise the owner to unchain the dog, who’s going to be responsible if the dog bite? So our question to AVA is why does a sweet dog like this GR deserves to be chained up with not even a chance to move one step? Why did they again advise the owner to lengthen the leash which is the most obnoxious suggestion.

The owner described this dog as a sweet and disciplined dog. So please tell me IF WE SHOULD ALLOW THIS SWEET DOG TO SUFFER EVEN ONE SECOND?

We decided we can’t wait for the husband to recover from the flu nor for the owner to erect the so-called fences. This dog needs our help!!! PLEASE SHARE! PLEASE CALL AVA! LENGTHENING THE LEASH TEMPORARILY does not even take 1 minute so why should we wait for the owner to recover from his flu or for the owners to fix the fences???

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