I will like to use this platform to say thank you to this taxi uncle driving ComfortDelGro Taxi Comfort Delgro Taxi, SHA 5197H. A very honest and helpful driver that I think I must give him this compliment as he deserved to be recognized by his company for his helpfulness and great integrity. I was famished, tired and feeling a little light headed after the whole morning out with my active toddler and the bad weather today make things worst.

He is definitely one of the most helpful drivers I have ever meet. Upon seeing me with my toddler on my left arm and another hand trying to close the stroller, He steps out from his driver seat to assist me to fold up my stroller and put it into his boot. Throughout my journey home, we did speak at all. Upon reaching my location, he assists me to bring out the stroller and told me to take my time to take my stuff.

After 20 minutes, I receive a call from an unknown number and he asks me if I have lost my wallet. Immediately I rush over to my bag and realize that my wallet is not inside. I ask him how can I collect my wallet from him and without hesitation, he told me he is at woodland custom picking up a passenger and will be heading over to my Block after that.

I am very thankful for his kind action and honesty for coming all the way back to my block to return me my wallet. I manage to rest for that 1-hour plus before I receive a call from him again to meet him under my block. This kind acts I receive today definitely brighten my day. Once again, Thank you a million time uncle!!!

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