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“Utterly disappointed with how your staff respond to a situation.

My aunt who is a s-pass holder working here visited ur outlet at toa payoh central mrt.She was carrying stuff she had bought from other stores and was making some purchases.a salesperson was persuading her to buy a $14.90 ginvera cream which she took and totally forgot about it and continued shopping. After she had made her purchase,she totally forgot about the item and the detector started beeping.

Now here’s the issue: an Indian guy walked up to her and asked her in Tamil,”do you speak Tamil?”,”are u from India?”.

The next moment he tells his counterpart that my aunt had confirm stolen the item and to call the police.

This is the part I feel is too overboard.Why did her nationality become a subject of whether she had stolen the item?

I see it is reasonable to question her about the item and take the necessary actions,but why the racism?

our country was made up of values of racial harmony and to not discriminate on someone from who they are and where they are from.My aunt was totally offended and upset about the discrimination and immediately paid for the item.

Now be it foreigner or not,is this how your staff deal with situations like this?By offending them in such manner?I hope you could look to this matter.”

Hari Krishnan

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