Dear Editors,

I would like to share this to seek the mutual understanding between E-bikers, cyclists and other road users, especially heavy vehicles. Firstly, why are we riding such bicycles or scooters on the roads is because we need it to commute. Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a bus ride.

Not forgetting not that we have expensive bus and train rides, such bicycles and scooters will make it more efficient for us. We can just commute like a motorcycle without a need to spend thousand of dollars on a simple motorbike and also we do not need to squeeze in a crowded bus or train or worried that it’s intervals are erratic.

I think that more understand is needed from these road users, if we aren’t fortunate enough to afford a simple and cheapest bus ride, let alone having a car.

To be honest, I really support the previous writer, Tim’s idea of restricting heavy vehicles to only using the roads during office hours. This will definitely not affect driver’s or businesses income, work can still be done during office hours as some logistics companies have already discourage drivers to drive trailers during peak hours or at night. F in US, they can restrict to heavy vehicles coming out only after 7pm, why can’t Singapore do so?

Heavy vehicles are the greatest nuisance & pest on the roads! Not only they occupy a huge space on the roads, they often turn into other lanes due to the size of their vehicle. It is therefore dangerous to drive them during peak hours where traffic volume is super high and tendency of an accident is very high, and accidents involving heavies are usually fatal. At night, visibility is poor, drivers may also be tired and battered after a day of work, so with that restriction in place, drivers can get more rest and well prepared for the next day’s work.

Thus, I support the idea of restricting heavy vehicles to only use the roads during weekdays off peak hours only.

A.S.S. Contributor

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