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In case commuters are wondering why are we taxis hiding or refuse to pick up passengers before surcharges kicks in reasons are very simple, let me point it down:

1. We are all out to earn a living, we have no CPF, no annual leave, no MC and nothing is left for us, we are just like our own bosses and we have to face fluctuating costs of fuel and also rental costs for the vehicle. Imagine we pick up a passenger at 5.45pm when the surcharge is going to start at 6pm, why wouldn’t we wait till 6pm then start to pick up? We will be earning more.

Same goes for call bookings. If we are doing something about the same but for a lower price, we have to work more to make ends meet! Everyone in Singapore, regardless of which industry they are working in would want to work less but earn more right? Same goes for us!

2. In case you are wondering why on rainy days we are not coming out, reason being is that on rainy days, roads are wet, visibility is poor, chances of accidents are extremely high as we all new Singapore motorists all cannot drive properly one. We don’t want to drive on the roads and later get into an accident then got to report and later get fucked by our taxi company and forfeit our despos it to pay the insurance excess. Neither would we want to get ourselves nor other road users hurt.

So please understand us, if you can leave work at 5.45pm, it doesn’t kill you to wait 15 minutes for a cab. 15 minutes can’t get you far.

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