Dear A.S.S

I would like to highlight to schools, especially secondary schools with white uniform tops and bottoms that your quality of your school pants sucks, and please either you make do with not having white long pants or ask your students not to wear coloured, especially dark coloured (black) underwear.

You know how awful it is to see that our secondary school white Long pants are quite translucent at times and that when these students are walking, people around them can see the colour and even the patterns of their underwear? Even light coloured underwear like red and pight blue can also be seen in their pants. Some worst still, can see some dirts on their white pants and even uniform!

So why white? Can’t these school choose other colours? And for those students, if you know that your uniform is white and your white school pants are quite translucent, make yourself presentable and not an awful seen, wear white underwear, i believe nobody would want to see your underwear Colour in your white uniform.

Please, show some respect to your school and the public, don’t make others think that you all are flashers because of your uniform colour.

A.S.S. Contributor

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