It’s regarding our new market stall at amk ave 10.. blk453a amk resident will be very familiar to this… was told by nea that our new stall will be the same size with our neighbor market Blk 409. But! That’s when the nightmare start for us.. the rebuild is way way smaller then us expected, I dare say just pick any blueprint from any market of Singapore, we will be the smallest. And the small I’m referring to is ridiculously small! It’s 5foot deep, 7 foot wide, sound big enough? But! Seafood and poultry vendors have the biggest problem here! 1st poultry vendor need a display fridge, given the depth of the current stall, it’s like we can only place in the chiller which is already about 5foot by 6foot. Where r we gonna place the chopping board? Outside the stall? Seafood vendor chopping board is at least 2foot, imagine a 3foot by 5foot display table… what r we gonna sell? Even if we have enough space to place our displays, where on earth are we gonna place our box to keep the reserves? We approach nea, the answers we get is no choice, professional architects draw the blueprints. Many vendor already start to return the stall due to the size.. it’s a totally impossible place to do our businesses. We need our voices to be heard. And not sarcastic answers from NEA. Or is it during election then our voices can be heard from the government?

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