An LTA officer was spotted breaking traffic rules when he failed to stop at the red light and made an illegal U-turn along Bukit Batok West Ave 5 on 23 October 2016 (Sunday).

According to contributor Teva, the LTA officer wanted to issue saman to a taxi driver illegally parked near Bukit Gombak McDonalds, only to end up flouting his own traffic rules in the process.

Teva shared:

“Although I am very much against illegal parking violations, I do not think it is safe or even legal for traffic enforcers to beat the lights just to issue a parking summon.

This is not an emergency situation, neither is it a matter of life and death. Does it mean that we can beat the lights to rush and do our job or to reach the office in time?

I can fully comprehend if emergency services beat the lights and I would gladly make way for them to do so. But to risk my life or my family’s lives to make way for a traffic warden or worse still, to endanger the lives of others to issue that all important parking ticket, then I think a lot of re-education is needed.”

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