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This article is a response article to the post by Melinda, A.S.S Contributor titled “HOMOSEXUALS SHD BE GRATEFUL FOR PINKDOT, WE HAVE ALREADY GIVEN THEM A LOT OF PUBLIC SPACE!”, posted on Wed, 26/10/2016 – 9:52am. (More at AllSingaporeStuff.com

“For many of us, life is not just about fulfilling sexual fetishes that are falsely attributed to genetics”, Melinda, A.S.S Contributor 2016

This statement is evidently flawed at so many levels. Firstly being in a homosexual relationship is not just about fulfilling sexual fetishes. Let’s talk about definitions. “Homosexual” as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is “being sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex”. Before you jump to conclusions, the definition of “heterosexual” in the Oxford Dictionary is to be “sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex”.

Both definitions are about sexual attractions, so what gives you the authority to term homosexual relationships as sexual fetishes but those of heterosexual relationships to be love? Relationships are a way in which two or more people are connected, hence I find that Melinda’s assertion that homosexuals are all about “fulfilling sexual fetishes” is unfounded and should be rejected.

Now we consider the second issue, “falsely attributed to genetics”. Is homosexuality really falsely attributed to genetics? Research by the University of California has found that there are “nine areas in the genome where genes functioned differently when a twin was homosexual”. Scientists then followed with the assertion that they can “predict with 70 percent accuracy whether a man is gay or straight or gay simply by looking at those parts of the genome”. This brings out a point that homosexuals have been found to have differing genetic makeups from their twin heterosexual counterparts.

As much as the research goes on to say that the main reason for these changes may be Epigenetic changes, Dr. Eric Miska, Herschel Smith Chair of Molecular Genetics at the University of Cambridge held that “epigenetic marks are the consequence of complex interactions between the genetics, development and environment of an individual”. These complex interactions are still being researched on and no conclusive findings have been found. Thus before we jump into conclusions, shouldn’t we consider the fact thatscientists can now predict whether a man is homosexual or heterosexual by looking at his genes? Doesn’t this show that the assertion that “homosexuality is falsely attributed to genetics” is one that is flawed?


With the above statement disproved, I move on to talk about the main crux of the whole issue. Melinda spotted a homosexual on the MRT exhibiting a
“Public Display of Affection” otherwise known as PDA, and she found this to be wholly unacceptable. My question to her is, if it was indeed wholly unacceptable, would it be any more acceptable if the one exhibiting such PDA was a heterosexual couple?

Are you going to be telling your kid who asks you “mummy, why are the two people kissing” that they are just making love and it is perfectly okay to do it? The act should be targeted and that should be the act of PDA. Either make PDA illegal altogether or not draw a line between homosexual PDA and heterosexual PDA.

Minister Chan Chun Sing did mention that “if you tell everyone to champion pro-LGBT or anti-LGBT (causes) it (might) cause social divisions” and that is something I agree with. Rather than being extremists at either ends of the spectrum, why not simply accept people for who they are and move on with life? Not only will this be able to foster social cohesion, it teaches the younger generation not to be discriminatory.

I would like to comment that none of us are entitled to assert that we represent the Singaporean population, their ideas and their actions? Melinda stated that “most people in SG already know they exist but would prefer that they just go back inside the closet and stop seeking attention”. Is this really true? And if it is, if there was acceptance right from the start, would this even be an issue to begin with?

I would like to end off with saying that the main difference between a homosexual relationship and a heterosexual relationship is the sex. Apart from that it is just another romantic relationship like any other. It is more than just sex and lust as painted by Melinda in her post, like any other couples out there, it is a relationship that is rooted by love, affection, trust and care.

Why should homsexuals hide from the eyes of the public? It is not in anyway not normal and I clearly do not see why a marriage between two man should “never be equal to a real marriage between a man and a woman”. Marriage is founded on love for one another and the willingness to commit, if two men or women decide that they want to get married, why should they be told otherwise?

A.S.S. Contributor

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