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I was driving a Toyota Sienta from LCR car rental company with an Uber system with passengers. The accident happens dated 190916 Wednesday between 8.36am – 9.36pm and on a raining day.

I was driving at a slow speed along West Coast Road and heading towards the destination drop at Alexander Techno Park with a passenger. As the traffic light turned green and in my favor I maintain in my lane at the roundabout and move slowly forward to my allocated lane and followed closely of all traffic rules.

As I entered at the filter lane which has a zebra crossing at slow speed to look out for oncoming pedestrians and vehicles, I proceed further to look out for the oncoming vehicles on the major road black when suddenly, a BMW who came entering the 2 filter lane at the zebra crossing overtook me recklessly into my lane which was at the extreme left side and jammed his brakes and suddenly stopped his vehicle in the center of the 2 lanes as he had noticed that the major road was unsafe to proceed as he had sped in the filter lane earlier.

He manages to stop from proceeding further to the major road however at this juncture he had also cut into my lane and I could react on time despite me pressing my brake as the distance the driver had cut into my lane was less then a car length. 

Therefore I am unable to stop in time and hit his extreme left side of the car. At that time, I had maintained on the left side of my lane as I am aware that it was unsafe to proceed into the major road. I always try to keep clear of all fast speeding vehicle and keep cleared of all circumstances in the best of safety of my and environment of my guest. I had attached snapshot of the footage of video, photo and witness if needed of this accident.

There are no injuries spotted in this accident from the BMW driver. As for the passenger and myself, we might suffered from the sudden shock or trauma and we will proceed for medical update if necessary. I also wish to emphasise i have exercise my due diligence to avoid such reckless driving by the BMW driver however to no avail and i am disappointed with the unacceptable behaviour and attitude of a road bully and PR (China) to take place for all road users here.

Due to that I suffered a loss of income for me to feed my family as I am the sole breadwinner. I hope that justice could be done and I am willing to cooperate with the authorities in any way I could. This is to launch for all purposes of insurance claims and other proceedings if necessary.

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