Dear A.S.S

I was skimming through your page when I realised an article about a fellow cabby making noise about cheapskate passengers sharing cabs with 1 stop per person.

I would like to share that we are generally ok with cab pooling, but we
usually recommend single stop as it saves time and fuel for unnecessary
detour. The time saved could mean that we can get another fare as taxi fares,
as we all know, are based on meter and it’s definitely not worth having more
than a single stop. If passengers thinks that cabs run on diesel nowadays,
they are wrong, we have a sizable number of petrol cabs as well and mind you,
be it diesel or petrol, fuel prices are always going up exorbitantly and
those vehicles that were chosen to be cabs are now very fuel inefficient, so
it’s definitely not worth all the unnecessary detour with heavy loads, as
heavy load would mean more fuel burnt. During peak hours, you can think that
we have the peak period surcharge, but I can tell you, it’s still not worth
Have you all ever wondered why MPV cabs have got extra charges for more than
4 passengers? The reason is simple, more people means more load, more load
would mean more fuel burnt and the surcharge is suppose to offset our fuel
But for standard cabs, we got nothing, if only passengers can think before
making we drivers turn here and there into the carpark, then got to reverse
like hell out (especially in new houses now and private properties), our
lives would be better and possible earning more despite having competitors
like uber and GrabCar and in future, driverless taxi.

I am standing by what that fellow cabbie shares, he made a very good point,
so I would like to appeal to the public, congregate your drop off point to a
centralised and more convenient spot where all of you all are happy with it,
it save our time too, we are taxi drivers, not bus drivers, if you continue
to be like this, I believe even our most hated GrabCar and uber drivers will
not want to serve you either! You are the ones that are not going to pay
hefty additional stop price to grab and so making us do this shit? We are
actually alright with not driving taxis, and for grab and uber drivers they
should feel the same too and work in a more stable job, but ultimately, the
one that is going to lose out, is YOU, THE COMMUTERS. When more and more taxi
drivers give up their taxis (which is what is happening now to taxi, grab and
uber drivers), don’t cry foul when grab and uber up their prices to
unreasonable rates, at that time it’s either you take it or you leave it and
to squeeze in a crowded train or bus. It’s up to you.
As for the taxi companies, do not stand by, we taxi drivers aren’t your
slaves or puppets either, if you are not going to think of ways to justify
the fares such as imposing extra charges for additional stops, you better not
come and nag at us for not serving the public well, and eventually having so
many vehicles sitting in your yard when we return our vehicles, continue
doing this it’s going to cause more harm then good.

Just wait and see.

A.S.S, please make this viral, we need more people to judge for themselves
whether if this is right.

Your beloved fellow taxi driver
A.S.S. Contributor

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