Dear A.S.S,

This is an open letter in response to the mother with kids who raged at two gay men kissing on the train. []

You say that you respect everyone’s rights, but who are you to decide that straight people have more rights than gay people? That gay people’s rights only extend to the walls of their bedroom? Which part of that is you respecting everyone’s rights’? People like you are dangerous because you are completely unaware of your own prejudice and discrimination.

To say that they’re spreading the gay “lifestyle” makes zero sense, since they are not forcing themselves on your kids and trying to force them into a same sex relationship LOL if your worry is that exposure to such scenes might be overly mature for your kids, then it’s YOUR job as a parent to sit your kids down and teach them to be responsible in their future relationships. There is always PDA everywhere, and unfortunately not everyone is considerate enough to hold back for the sake of children around, so you should wake u and realise that you should start educating your kids.

if your kids ask, can’t you simply explain that two men are kissing because they’re gay? Are you afraid your kid will somehow magically “turn” gay? I hope you’re not the only source of knowledge for your kids because you’re
seriously misinformed and narrow minded.

To address your very last point, just because some sexual predators have been gay DOES NOT mean that all gay men are pedophiles. Just because some sexual predators have been straight does not mean that all straight people are pedophiles. Just because some ignorant and prejudiced bigots happen to be a Singaporean woman with kids on a train, does not mean that all Singaporeans with kids on a bloody train are assholes lmao.

Dude, seriously. I won’t try to convince you to accept them even though personally, I don’t see why the hell your approval is needed when it’s THEIR lives. I get that some people have their own beliefs and ideals, but in what world does the relationship of two men or women have anything to do with you, unless it’s in a world where you’re trying to be a home wrecker? If you don’t like it, okay, you can lead your life, and they can lead theirs. There’s no need to shame them and say absolutely disgusting things about them. have some respect.

A.S.S Contributor

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