DO NOT GO – JANTZEN hair salon at Causeway Point

Do not go to Jantzen hair salon at Causeway Point especially if you are an elderly person as they are skilled in the art of preying on the elderly or any unsuspecting/trusting person giving them poor advise to convince/scare/pester into having treatments which does nothing to improve the condition of your hair, but definitely improves their profit margin.

Brought mom to the salon for a cut and perm. Asked Sharon, at the counter/frontdesk three times about their pricing. She curtly and rather arrogantly said its as stated on their price list of $110 for a full service of a wash, cut and perm and nothing more, no gst, no add ons nothing. What is stated there is what one will pay, so says Sharon at the counter/frontdesk.

With that, regardless of her lack of tact in speaking to customers we thought her firm answer could be trusted. Sharon then allocated Joanne, a twenty-something year old “hair stylist” to attend to mom. Spoke to Joanne for ten minutes regarding style, paying particular attention to the thinning condition of mom’s hair how a trim and a light perm would suffice, nothing harsh.

Came back 40 mins later and was told to come back in an hour’s time as she was not done. I said, “an hour? That’s pretty long” but was not told about an additional treatment. Returned in an hour’s time, waited for a further 20 mins only to discover when I was about to pay the bill that it has gone up to $185! Why? Oh, apparently mom had a “treatment” done. By that time we were already very late for an appointment so I had to quickly pay and leave.

It turns out they kept telling my mom she really needed the treatment and pestered her till she agreed to it.

Returning the next day to ask for my $75 back and Sharon the great pretender behaved like she did not recognize me from the day before and did not know what I was referring to even though I caught her mumbling something to Joanne while I was paying the bill and was visibly shocked that its jumped to $185! Sharon the great pretender, even asked if I was there for a hair cut! When I questioned the hairstylist infront of Sharon who claims to not know anything about this, Joanne admitted to asking my mom several times about having the additional treatment. I persisted on the return of my SGD 75 and got a whole series of acts from Sharon as follows:

1) Feigned ignorance;
2) Unable to refund because it was a transaction done yesterday; (how ridiculous is that?)
3) Use of intimidation by surrounding me with all available staff;
4) One older hairstylist even rudely demanded that I brought my elderly mom there for them to question! Wow, talk about service!
5) When Sharon and the entire group act realised I would not be intimidated they all scattered and Sharon disappeared into the back of the salon;
6) Went to the back of the salon to get her, Sharon out. Sharon then went to chat with the same older rude hairstylist, made a call on her phone then walks over to tell me she has called her boss who will be coming;
7) A few minutes later a security guard appears to which I asked Sharon if that is her boss??? She ignored me while a young man she instructed, spoke to the security guard. The security guard then approached me with a certain amount of prejudgment. Regardless, I explained the situation to the security guard who agreed its not a matter for him to interfere and left promptly.
8) When I asked Sharon again when will the boss be there, she then tells me the boss did not answer the phone, followed by the boss is sleeping (this is at 12.35 pm), then tells me the boss is out of the country. I doubt she made that call at all.
9) Suddenly her haughty attitude has disappeared and she is actually not the person in charge there. In fact no one is in charge of the salon;
10) Sharon holding onto her mobile then runs off to hide in the ladies not before telling that same young male staff with similar haughty attitude to mend the front desk and let her know via text the situation.

If anyone can lie through their teeth, its this lady, Sharon, the great pretender, the intimidator, the coward. Sharon, a middle aged lady with glasses, the one who mends the front of Jantzen hair salon at Causeway point, the one who “greets” potential victims, opps I mean “customers”, allocates stylists to “customers”, collects payments, etc, but claims to “not be in charge” when confronted with an issue. Infact no one is incharge at Jantzen hair salon at Causeway Point. I do wonder if the owner is aware of these shenanigans at his/her salon. Extremely unprofessional for a supposedly reputable hair salon!

I fail to see how more chemicals on an elderly person’s already thinning scalp will improve anything but their profit margin! Mom’s hair is now even more damaged with a feel akin to that of straw, is brittle and looks terribly fizzy! Currently looking for a natural remedy to the horrid result!

Bernice Chong
A.S.S. Contributor

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