Dear ASS Editors,

I’ve engaged a debt collector named “LBD Prestige Associates Pte Ltd” early this year to collect debt on be-half of the company. In the contract they mention they would do a full refund of the 10% administration fee if there is no break through. After a few days of contract signed and cheque issued to them has cleared, they claimed that the installment will be in the following month and they demanded a 20% up front before collected payment to be issue to us. I refused due to contract did not stated in that way.

I tried to contact Tony @ 9XXX9312 and he say will arrange their admin to send an detail email then payment release. After long chasing, no email and soon no answer nor reply from Tony cause he said his mobile spoil and was diverted to his colleague called Anderson (9XXXX012). And soon all texted conversation was with this Anderson. They dint even dare to pick up phone calls. After long chasing for our payment, now no news and cant even reach them as all contacts are uncontactable.

I have made a police report and the police said they have created a case but cant proceed to investigation due to not many people making reports against this company. I also have made this known to ACRA saying that it a scam company as the registered a “fake” company.

Please help to get these people arrested, they went around cheating people money. And they are in their twenties. Any other victums, pls share and let me know how i could find them to get back my money. Thank you

Ms Ng
A.S.S. Contributor

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