I am writing this article to warn cheapskate passengers not to treat us taxi drivers like puppets ok? First, nowadays, I find that many passengers like to “share” their can rides, often 4 to a cab, and some people are 4 big size ones too. Worst still, some of them like to load up our boots to the fullest causing or vehicle to be super heavy and thus, wasting a lot of fuel. And worse still, they got 4 drop off points! Oh my god! Imagine during peak period where traffic is so heavy and roads are so congested, additional drop offs would mean we drivers will need more time to complete our trips, and is usually 30 mins more! Yhats why even with extra advance bookings from army camps, I don’t even take, let those army boys go rant all they want about us, if they cherish our services, they will do such a thing. My message to all these “cab poolers” will be “please take bus or train or get a personal chauffeur to drive you, we taxi drivers aren’t your slaves so please stop making our lives difficult and make us incur more costs. I believe even uber and grab car drivers also wouldn’t want to pick such passengers. And to all army boys out there, if you are so desperate to get home quickly during yor bookout, either you each pay more to take a cab or get yor own parents to come and fetch you, don’t disturb us taxi drivers, we are not your puppets.

Dear fellow cabbies, always avoid going army camps and also popular shopping districts like Vivo city, especially at night, otherwise, you will get these kind of “cheapskate” and stingy passengers that will make our lives very difficult. We don’t earn much from additional stops and also passengers to ransack your boot finding their stuffs when alighting.

As for taxi companies, PTC and LTA, please look into imposing surcharges for additional stops like what grab does, $5 per additional stop up to 5km. And also, impose surcharges for army camps too, not that we don’t want to go army camps or take book if from camps, but camps are so isolated and it’s often a waste of time to go there and also got to face these pampered army boys that want to get to the foot of the blocks with additional stops. A $2-$3 surcharge for every additional stop should be an ideal price. Make the location surcharge of $3-$5 apply to army camps too.

My last stern warning to all these cheapskate and troublesome passengers will be, “if you still continue to make taxi drivers your puppet bad make us drop you as you like, please do not blame us if we refuse to pick you up, take your call or even throw you out at the first stop, if you make our lives difficult, we will make yours difficult too, when there are lesser and lesser taxis on the roads because of you all, don’t cry and make noises, better cherish us now before it’s too late. And for the army boys, you continue to make us drop you all over the place with boot filled to the maximum, we will feedback to the relevant authorities or your camp that we are not going to serve you anymore.

Thank you

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