A netizen in Malaysia has blown the whistle on a nursing home which locked up its patients in cages and treating them without the respect and dignity of a human being. She said that the patients did not have beds and some were locked together in a single cage. This is shocking treatment of disabled patients.

Did Khaw Boon Wan recommend Singaporeans to send our aged parents to Malaysia nursing homes? Maybe its time to seriously reconsider his lousy advice?

The whistle blower Vivien Arie reported on her Facebook:

“Guys, I saw this inhuman treatment to handicapped patients during my visit to Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Cacat located in Batu Gajah just now. They were locked in the cage like dogs without water without bed nothing. What’s worst is that few persons are sharing single cage.

I took these photos privately at the window since the door is locked & the office is just in front of this locked house. I suspect corruption since the home is well furnished & it’s often received donation. Does anyone know which organization to reach out to??”

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