So I ordered Ayam penyat at 6.37pm on my mother phone, we waited and waited until 8.04pm, my mother got fed up and call the restaurant. When she call the person say the food is ready but nobody picked up the food. He suggested to call the toll free ubereats hotline to ask them. I called the number but there wasn’t anybody picking up. shortly after calling them (I put on loudspeaker) I saw a notification at 8.09pm from ubereats that they cannot fulfill my order and cancelled it… Wtf me and my mother wait about 1 hours 33 mins for nothing…

Because I used the $10 code, they reverted the $10 code so I could order something else…

I decided to give it one last try, which was stupid, I ordered from another restaurant for myself this time. Ordered around 8.15pm. Waited and waited same story again, called them and they said either cancel immediately or wait for another 15 mins to see if anybody picked it up, so I chose to wait for another 15 mins. 15 mins and status still at “preparing food”(which also means that nobody has picked up the food). So called them at 9.45pm to cancel. After its canceled, asked them why did it take so long from 6.30 to 9.30 and their reason is there are not enough couriers… I asked them how can you compensate me for waiting for 3 hours and I still haven’t eaten my dinner (which was seriously dumb lol). All the guy could said is he only can refund the $9.90 which was the amount of the order. Didnt see that there was any other choice, I accepted it and went to cook noodles for myself to eat. In between I contacted support through the app to reask if there is any other compensation they can give. All they could say is [refer to image of 2nd CX order]

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