Dear ASS Editors,

In every community there are bound to have black sheep, we have people who drive sports car (sometime even normal car) beating the traffic lights and cause accident like banging into divider, lorry drove all the way up to the pedestrian path, SBS bus drove all the way into the interchange and killed passengers, motorist beating the traffic and got into serious accident . But are we going to ban all these from the road?

I strongly believe that is how we can educate the public and also the scooter community that safe riding is a must to follow. Just like how LTA and the traffic police used to educate the public on road safety and ride safety. It take time to kick in the law just like when motorcycle and car was once intro to the road. After so many years, why are there still so many accident cause by reckless drivers and motorist, so are we going to ban all these form of transport?

As for the person who start this petition, you mention you are a motorist yourself, can you say or dare you say that you have never once beat the rules on the road? As an E- Scooter user personally and i scoot to work and back home daily. i have seen so many motorist bending the traffic rules, and i see motorcycle going onto pedestrian walk way just to avoid traffic lights or sudden change to traffic flow. So how about banning all these motorcycle on the road then since they went thru the highway code passing it but when once they got their licence, they “return”their knowledge back to BBDC or Ubi Driving Center.

Lets just do a compare the number of accident or speeding black sheep between each category and see what is the out come. Does this mean we should ban all form of transports and just walk to work.

Since the government is working on the rules and regulations for E-scooter, why not just see how things are going to work out and what is the final outcome, rather then jumping the gun on it.

Everyone play a part, and let us just live and cohabit in peace and harmony. Share the path and be safe.

Justin C
A.S.S. Contributor

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