Dear A.S.S,

Utterly disappointed with police nowadays on how they handle situation. Victim of road accident make to stay back while accuse got to go off.

Got into a hit and run accident 23rd Oct around 0040hrs, request for the driver to stop to discuss but refuse, hence followed the vehicle while dialed in to police to report.

Accuse drove to Ang Mo kio North police station. Sergeant Chua and team in my opinions did not handled the case professionally. Did not even had both parties seated to record statement, best part can ask the accuse driver to go off.

Next come the TP, after the accuse left, Sgt Sebastian, just say that this is a traffic accident, hence advice me to make an insurance clam. I DON’T NEED A TP to come all the way just to tell me that! Prior to walking away, I still ask is that all. YES was the reply from Sgt Sebastian.

Another mockery, someone from AMK North police station called and ask me what’s my car plate number!

Really question the level of case handling here.

Can only conclude that we are left to fend for ourselves, equip our cars with camera to provide to police so that their jobs are easier, no investigation needed. Otherwise, go sort it out in insurance claim.

Not forgetting to mention, a lady from TP called me several times during the whole saga, at one point i told her that the accuse had left, she even asked me why did the police officer allow the accuse to go, search me…No protocols, no case handling experience or what? Just some blue uniform people spending tax payers money to spent their night in air-conditioning offices…

Request for video footage if any, reply was if there is, cameras are under LTA.. What did the minister talk about inter-agency op…so I have to go do my own investigation? Write to LTA? Provide footage to the blue uniforms to process? What joke…

Darren Soh
A.S.S Contributor

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