This letter to ST truly reflect the frustrations of users of the public health care system. It’s not the private health care sector doctors are always better trained, skilled, even though quite often that’s so, but it is the extremely long wait to see a specialist doctor in the public health care sector that is most frustrating and irritating.

Who wants to remain sick and unwell and wait 3 months to see a specialist for the subsidised class? To see a specialist in a weeks time, all one need to do is change ones status to private A class patient. Miracles suddenly appear and specialist doctors are now suddenly available and have time slots to fit one into their appointment schedule.

It’s all about money at the bottom line. If one pay top dollars to consult a public sector specialist, one might as well go and consult a private sector specialist who is often a more senior doctor and more experienced as compared to a public sector specialist.

So the bottom line patient behaviour is in no small way caused by the inefficient public health care system in Singapore.

C. L. Chan
A.S.S. Contributor

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