Trinity Ong, 10, and her brothers Noah, 8, and Caspar, 5, have given $500 to an elderly yong tau foo stall owner, whose stall was destroyed in the Jurong West fire that engulfed a market at Block 493, Jurong West Street 41 last Tuesday (11 October).

On Sunday, the children visited the elderly stallowner at his flat to hand him the donation and some fruits.

Mr Neo Chwee Eng, 81, who has to support his wheelchair bound wife and diabetic son, who also needs a wheelchair because of a leg amputation, was touched beyond words.

51 stalls were destroyed in the fire. The culprit, 41 year-old Lim Yinh Siang, was charged in court on Saturday for causing the fire.

The children were alerted to Mr Neo’s plight when Trinity’s mother showed her a TNP report on Mr Neo. Trinity and her brothers ended up donating all the contents of their piggy banks.

The PAP has also offered some help to the affected hawkers. It is giving $500 in financial aid to each hawker and giving them information on alternate places to ply their trade.

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