States Times Review (STR) article "Law Minister K Shanmugam: Eurasian Singaporeans are Indian" is a disgraceful fabrication.

The Minister never said any of the things STR attributes to him. Indeed, he never said anything about Eurasians nor were there any questions posed to him about Eurasians at the IPS conference.

It is malicious of STR to spread such vicious falsehoods, calculated to sow discord among our different ethnic groups.

The Government will review STR's post and decide whether to take further action against STR.


Responding to Law Minister K Shanmugam's police report made against States Times Review and its owner Alex Tan Zhi Xiang, STR strongly stood by its earlier reporting that K Shanmugam had made those remarks about the Eurasian community in Singapore.

STR Editor Alex Tan added that K Shanmugam was now using STR as a scapegoat to cover up his embarrassment and was using the Singapore police to oppress criticism.

Tan reiterated that STR will continue reporting news with out fear or favour and challenged K Shanmugam to sue STR under Australia laws. The resorting to police reports and lawsuit threats as a first response to criticisms demonstrates the sad state of politics in Singapore.

States Times Review Editor Alex Tan's Full Statement below:

"States Times Review report news without fear or favour, and will not entertain the Lawless Minister. States Times Review operates under laws of the Australia government, K Shanmugam is welcome to sue us under the Australian judiciary.

As a Law Minister, resorting to police reports and lawsuit threats as the first response to criticisms speaks volume about the sad state of political affairs in Singapore."


Editor's Note:

States Times Review (STR) Owner / Editor Alex Tan Zhi Xiang is a Singapore political activist who contested in the 2011 General Elections under the Reform Party in Ang Mo Kio GRC. He was one of the founder, contributor and editor for now defunct alternative sociopolitical website (TRS) until it was shut down in 3 May 2015 for multiple sedition offences.

After MDA shut down TRS, Alex Tan went into self-exile in Australia and set up a new alternative website States Times Review. Since then, he has been publishing uncensored news critical of the PAP government on a daily basis.

In October 2016, he made public that he was now an Australian Permanent Resident and vowed never to return to Singapore for fear of unfair incarceration by the PAP Government.

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