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“I am clearly disappointed at the sight of a Halloween decoration taking precedence over the Deepavali displays at your Sportshub branch.

May I humbly know when did a commercial celebration that’s not even been recognised as a public holiday in Singapore has become a festivity that overshadows our Ethnic & Cultural importance in Singapore? Is this how you advocate racial respect & harmony of Singapore to visitors & residents in our country?

I’m extremely disheartened that a country that’s hailed for it’s diverse races, in the recent years has become a more greedy commercial hub with focus on main ethnic groups and forgetting the minorities.

Do you know what’s the meaning of Deepavali & Halloween? Deepavali’s not a new year as widely misinterpreted. It’s a Festival of Lights (bringing in joy, happiness & peace to our family) whereas Halloween is dedicated to remembering the dead. Even the meaning of Halloween has been lost over the years & it’s being celebrated as a day to invoke fun, fear & tricks.

Fairprice is a well known local groceries merchant with multiple branches throughout Singapore. Being part of the National Trade Union Congress I’m ashamed to say you have failed to show unity in our National Celebration. I’ve always been proud of my country & always will be. Therefore I hope you will also learn to take pride in giving equal importance to all ethnic celebrations. I hope our Citizen’s pledge is not only remembered by it words but by it’s meaning.

‎Puvaneswari Alagan”

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