On 18 May, a primary 5 boy was found dead at the foot of his Sengkang HDB block after he found out that he failed two exams in maths and higher chinese. He was found dead on the day he was due to collect his exam results for his parents to sign. During his first 4 years in school, he averaged 70 marks and did not fail in any exams before.

During the coroner’s inquiry into his death, the boy’s 45 year old mother was heard to have expected the boy to score at least 70 marks per exam. If he did not meet this standard, she would cane his palm for every mark short of 70 marks. However, she did reward him when he did well for his exams.

His mother believed that the boy had killed himself over his exam results by jumping from his bedroom while his father felt that his son had accidentally fallen to his death.

On that fateful day, the victim’s father noticed he was taking a long time to get ready for school and the mother tried to open the door but found it locked. Using a spare key, they entered the room but could not find him.

The boy’s sister looked out of the window and saw her brother lying on the grass patch at the foot of the block. The police were called in at around 6.50am.

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