I thought I should alert those concerned not to be fooled by this woman, who recently asked for monetary donations on give Asia website. My Son got to know her through online gaming. While he hit rock bottom relationship with his 5 years ex-Girlfriend, this woman came into the picture and very soon got herself pregnanted and stayed over.

She insisted of marrying my Son which I strongly objected simply because both of them have no,savings or,whatsoever. All the wedding expenses were paid by me, the so called evil mil, just because I objected to the marriage.

So finally she came into the family, we had a heart to heart talk, I assumed everything was fine, little boy arrived and brought so much joy and happiness to the family. As such, I have decided to bear with some pains as I could not bear to see the little one suffer should the family break up, which I expected it to happen as a matter of time.what future can happen if both parents aren’t working, have a Domestic helper and daily busy playing computer games, leaving the child mostly to The Maid except breastfeeding time!

such routine was going on for years and lately she decided to get a part time job then she suddenly moved out of home, filed a police case against Husband abusing her and the little one. Strangely, everyone in the family including close friends and the helper know that the Fact is the Wife is rude, fierce and ill mannered. No one has seen her true self except we the family members.

She never says thank you to you when she received your presents, she never greet you whether she has not seen you for days or months. Anyway, what came as a shock to me is not because she left the home, but her lies about the abusement she and little one suffered. I wonder how many will be conned by such so claimed poor abused single Mother.

What she never expected is that we have decided to proceed legally with her allegations and she therefore decided to seek donation hoping to gain sympathy. Do you seriously think that she deserves what she gets now? Unfortunately she was so blindly misguided by so called good friends and I wonder why are these good,friends not helping her financially as well! I know there are many good Samaritans In rSingapore, however, I just hope to reach out to those donors to help one who truly deserve it.

Emily Ong
A.S.S. Contributor

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