A Singaporean new citizen from China, Mick Davies was arrested and convicted of using a fake passport to enter Singapore in July 2016. Davies who is also known as Lan Shili owns a slew of investment and travel companies in Singapore. In 2007, he was the richest man in Hubei province and was ranked the 70th richest man in China.

Davies resorted to using a fake Hong Kong passport to enter Singapore after his Singapore passport was impounded during a business trip back to China. A former business associate had reported him for fraud with the Chinese authorities and that led to his detention and passport confiscated.

After 3 months, he decided to make his way back to Singapore via illegal means and tried by first sneaking into Vietnam by boat. When he sought the Singapore embassy’s help to get a new passport, he was told he had to wait and account for how he entered Vietnam without passing immigration.

He then turned to paying a smuggler $55,000 RMB (S$11,336) who gave him a Hong Kong passport bearing the name Fu Ching and a photo which resembled Davies. He took a flight back to Singapore and was successful in entering the country the same day.

However, two weeks later he was arrested by ICA for offences under the Passports Act and Immigration Act.

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