Anna Belle Tan Yee Min, 17, was among 7 female teenagers aged 13 to 17 who took turns to abuse a 15 year-old female victim in December last year.

Their excuse? They felt she was arrogant and wanted to “teach her a lesson”.

Tan had even gone so far as to burn the victim’s thighs with a lit cigarette. On Tuesday, Tan was sentenced to 21 months’ probation.

At about 3pm on 20 December last year, Tan and her gang of six went to look for the victim at the void deck of Block 231 Hougang Street 21, where they cornered the teen and took turns to strike her on the face before pushing her to the ground. The group fled after warning the victim not to report the attack to the police.

She made a report on 11 January.

Later that same month on 31 January, Tan and one of the six assailants, aged 13, ran into the victim at Hougang Central, where they asked her to drop the case against them. The victim called her mother, who warned them to stay away from her daughter or face another police report.

30 minutes into their encounter, Tan splashed a bottle of ice lemon tea at the victim and slapped her cheek. She again warned the victim not to lodge a police report and left.

The 15 year-old victim was not Tan’s only victim. On 20 December last year, Tan slapped a 14 year-old girl at the car park of NEX shopping centre, and just 15 minutes later, slapped another 14 year-old victim at the 4th floor staircase of the same shopping centre.

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