A former director of the technology department at the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) walked free today despite being originally sentenced to a 10 year jail term last year after he was found guilty of misappropriating two iPads.

He was acquitted of the charges during his appeal.

Mr Jeganathan Ramasamy, 65, claims that the two iPads handed to him by IT vendor NCS in 2011 were personal purchases, for which he had yet to make payment. He gave one to his daughter and sold the other to the senior director of emergency services for $200. Each iPad was worth $939. He left the SCDF in 2012.

Judicial Commissioner See Kee Oon says he was acquitting Mr Jeganathan because of inconsistencies and gaps in the evidence by the prosecution and the defence.

See also pointed to text message exchanges with NCS’ then group general manager, Mr Wong Soon Nam, in which Mr Jeganathan asked to pay for the devices on at least three occasions.

Shortly after this exchange, Mr Wong phoned Mr Jeganathan.

Mr Jeganathan testified that Mr Wong told him over the phone to try out the iPads first and they could talk about the price later. Mr Wong initially testified that he did not communicate further with Mr Jeganathan but when confronted with the call records, said he could not remember the contents of the call.

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