Singapore table tennis player Li Hu was revealed to be assisting the CPIB in an ongoing investigation after he was suspended by the S’pore Table Tennis Association over a disciplinary matter. Li is currently ranked world number 58 and was supposed to be the future of Singapore’s male table tennis team.

Media reports say that Li’s suspension was unrelated to the CPIB investigation and STTA President Ellen Lee says that a disciplinary committee would be formed to deal with Li.

When approached, Li was remorseful over his undisclosed actions and had been asked to pack his bags from the STTA hostel where he was living in. Li pleaded: “I want to continue playing for Singapore and I can still play for many years. I believe I still have a lot to contribute to Singapore table tennis and can help bring more glory to the country.”

As of now, it is unclear why Li is being investigated by the CPIB.

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